Business Divorce

Representing owners of privately-held businesses in disputes with business partners and corporate dissolutions Business Divorce

All too often, relations among co-owners of privately held businesses deteriorate to the point where they can no longer work together: they need a “business divorce.” The Business Divorce group brings together the diverse practice skills and experience required for the myriad challenges presented by private company disputes, and to devise solutions that allow clients to achieve their business and personal goals free of the uncertainty and rancor that can accompany a failed business relationship.

The Law of Business Divorce

The Business Divorce team includes highly experienced litigators who understand the intricacies of the laws governing the internal affairs of closely-held corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.  Their extensive representation of clients in private company disputes includes judicial dissolution proceedings on behalf of both majority and minority owners, dissenting shareholder proceedings, derivative suits, books and records proceedings, and assorted other litigation among co-owners of companies in a wide variety of industries including real estate, construction, manufacturing, finance, a variety of wholesale and retail operations, auto dealerships, service companies, and more.

A Multi-Disciplinary Practice

The Business Divorce group also includes highly experienced corporate and tax attorneys to advise clients and to assist in structuring and documenting buy-outs, liquidations, and other forms of business reorganization resulting either from judicial proceedings or negotiated settlements.

Pre-Litigation Resolution

Often the litigation of private company disputes can be avoided by early intervention leading to a favorable  out-of-court settlement. The Business Divorce team works closely with clients to explore and execute strategies and solutions that can eliminate the distraction, expense, and escalation of hostilities that inevitably accompany litigation. Key to the Business Divorce group’s record of success in resolving such disputes through early intervention is their reputation and prowess as lawyers well-equipped and unhesitant to seek relief in court when negotiations fail to achieve their clients’ objectives.

Business Appraisal

The resolution of a business divorce often centers on the valuation of the subject company. Effective legal counseling therefore requires a thorough understanding of the principles and legal framework for valuing a business. The Business Divorce group has extensive experience working in tandem with qualified business and real estate appraisers in connection with buy-out negotiations and appraisal litigation.

Thought Leaders

Members of the Business Divorce group are acknowledged leaders in their field. They frequently lecture on business divorce topics before professional organizations and publish numerous articles on the subject including the widely followed New York Business Divorce blog which has also been cited in a number of judicial opinions.