New Partner Spotlight: Peter J. Sluka

February 03, 2023

In celebration of our newly minted partners, Farrell Fritz is proud to present our “New Partner Spotlight,” a series of short interview profiles to get to know our incredibly talented attorneys better.

Name: Peter J. Sluka

Years at the Firm: 3

Practice: Business Divorce

What makes Farrell Fritz different for you and your career? Smaller, closely-held businesses have complex problems.  By bringing sophisticated and high-end legal representation to those businesses, Farrell Fritz blends the excitement of complex litigation with the personal reward of making a difference in clients’ lives.  

What keeps you passionate about practicing law? Business litigation is fascinating because it demands that attorneys become knowledgeable in their clients’ particular matter in order to develop a compelling narrative and then convey it to the judge or jury.  Having a general curiosity about how different businesses operate keeps the practice interesting, and having the ability to help business owners overcome complex problems keeps it rewarding.

On the Future of the Practice: I’ve been fortunate enough to have a role in some groundbreaking cases, including where we’ve defined the broad scope of a business’ right to involuntarily cash out a minority owner.  I believe we can expect to see more of those cash-out mergers and the business appraisal proceedings that typically follow. 

A Notable Recent Case? We recently helped the 50% owner of a creative agency successfully defend against claims that he wrongfully transferred clients to a competing business.  With a compelling narrative and an efficient argument, we were able help the Court cut through the complexities of the case and award summary judgment in our favor. 

What Keeps You Motivated? Good litigators tend to see their clients’ problems as their own.  While that can be stressful, I’m grateful for a supportive family that keeps me reaching for my best. 

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