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For businesses, property owners and property operators on Long Island, in New York State and beyond, the challenges of navigating, understanding and implementing programs to comply with increasingly complex environmental regulations have never been greater. Our team of environmental lawyers brings the breadth and depth of experience to handle all types of administrative and transactional matters, as well as the sophistication and bench strength to tackle the challenges of environmental litigation.

For several decades, Farrell Fritz has been on the front lines of rapidly evolving environmental case law. We served as principal counsel in several major Superfund cases involving the cleanup of massive landfills and abandoned manufacturing and industrial facilities, including one described by Newsday as “one of the most complicated” in New York State. We currently represent clients in several Superfund and oil spill matters.

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Our environmental attorneys represent public and private corporations, including Fortune 500s, international firms and nonprofits. Farrell Fritz provides guidance on compliance with federal, state and local regulations, helping clients determine their responsibilities and develop implementation strategies. For our commercial and industrial clients, we frequently are part of the team that performs facilities’ audits to check levels of compliance and minimize the chances for costly fines. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of every level of government and have worked on many matters that involved negotiating with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and county and local departments of health.

We also represent real estate developers and landlords involved with the acquisition, sale, leasing and management of real property. These transactions often involve providing guidance on issues relating to environmental investigations and remediation; brownfields restorations; underground and aboveground storage tanks; the storage, handling and disposal of hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals; historic use and contamination of real property; and reporting and notification requirements. When necessary, our environmental team works with attorneys in our corporate, tax, real estate, land use, zoning and municipal and litigation departments to ensure all aspects of our client’s issue are considered.

Our goal is to assist clients in solving their environmental challenges without the need for litigation; but when called for, we bring a rare level of experience and skills to the courtroom. Our attorneys are extremely well-versed in all aspects of environmental law. Several of them also have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the sciences, environmental science and land use planning. Their training and experience enable them to go “toe-to-toe” with experts in court on the most complex technical issues.