Lovin’ > Hatin’? McDonald’s Hit with 25 Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

June 28, 2019

McDonald’s is currently facing 25 lawsuits and federal complaints that were filed May 21 in 20 American cities accusing the world’s largest restaurant chain and its franchises of sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, and subsequent retaliation.

Attorney Domenique Camacho Moran focuses on labor/employment law and litigation at the New York law firm Farrell Fritz, frequently representing employers in harassment and discrimination cases. She agrees that the #MeToo movement has raised awareness about inappropriate workplace conduct. “For employers, #MeToo was a reminder that despite well-drafted policies and a commitment to harassment-free workplaces, additional steps must be taken to achieve the goal.”

Camacho Moran said the legal issue in the McDonald’s cases will likely hinge on whether workplace suspensions and warnings were adequate remedial steps. “The allegations demonstrate the importance of workplace policies that prohibit sexual harassment, prompt investigation and corrective action.  The facts also highlight the importance of follow-up with those involved to ensure compliance with policies moving forward.”

But how can this disturbing trend be reversed? “Employers must continue to publish and promote their policies prohibiting inappropriate workplace conduct – even when the conduct does not rise to unlawful sexual harassment,” Camacho Moran said. “By demanding that employees comply with a higher standard, training the workforce about appropriate and inappropriate behavior, and responding quickly to address infractions, employers can improve workplaces.”

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