September 03, 2013

[statement]“Our experienced attorneys understand the types of information healthcare investigators seek, so we can help our clients resolve such matters as expeditiously, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.” – Kevin P. Mulry, Partner[/statement]

Defending itself against federal allegations of Medicare overcharges could have been an expensive and time-consuming process for a cardiology group, had it not been for the counsel of Farrell Fritz, who successfully satisfied investigators’ information needs during the preliminary stages.

“Our team features attorneys whose previous experience includes spearheading such healthcare investigations so we can respond to matters in a way that’s knowledgeable and efficient,” explained Kevin P. Mulry, a Healthcare Group partner who spent 15 years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Civil Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

“By working with the government investigators and providing them with the information they required at the outset, we successfully resolved the investigation for this medical group expeditiously, efficiently and cost-effectively,” he explained.

Farrell Fritz proactively counsels healthcare clients on the design and implementation of compliance programs and how to best respond when government regulators seek to audit or investigate their billing or business practices. This is a “must” in an environment where providers face increased regulatory scrutiny and enforcement at the federal, state and local levels. Kevin noted that federal and state governments continue to add resources to enforce compliance with healthcare regulations, and potential government claims for overpayment refunds and fraud recoveries are in the billions.