Understanding the Generation- Skipping Transfer Tax

calendar icon December 14, 2023

clock icon3:50am - 4:40am

While the federal gift and estate taxes are oft discussed, there is a third federal transfer tax that is much less well known, and significantly less well understood.  That tax is the “Tax on Generation-Skipping Transfers,” more commonly known as the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax or “GST tax”.  For context, the GST tax is designed to ensure the imposition of transfer taxation at each generational level, and presents a necessary back-stop to the estate and gift taxes.

Daniel Rubin will be presenting at the Financial Planners Conference on the panel “Understanding the Generation- Skipping Transfer Tax”.

As suggested by its title, this talk will focus on providing the practitioner with an understanding of the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax, and its implications in estate planning.

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