September 03, 2013

[statement]“Our firm’s knowledge of construction law enabled us to negotiate the removal of the liens against our client’s property, while preserving the subcontractors’ rights to pursue legal action against the defaulting contractor.  We resolved the matter quickly and efficiently.  Both the client-developer and the subcontractors felt they were treated fairly in accordance with the law.” – Jason Samuels, Partner[/statement]

The failure of a construction company left multiple subcontractors, union benefit funds, and suppliers unpaid and a local assisted living real estate developer with significant liens against its property. The Farrell Fritz Construction Group facilitated the removal of all the liens, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars without hindering the subcontractors’ rights to pursue legal action against the failed contractor.

“We have extensive knowledge of the law as it applies to the construction and development industries,” explained Jason Samuels, partner. “We settled the subcontractors’ liens with compensation equal to what they were entitled to by law – the same amount they would have received had they won a judgment in court – without the expense of litigation. We also incorporated wording so that accepting partial payment from the developer did not negate their right to sue the contractor.”

In another similar matter, the Construction Group was able to settle liens with the subcontractors – which ultimately saved that client substantial legal fees. Jason and his colleagues were able to secure lien discharge bonds for the developer without additional collateral or increased premium, for added savings.