Mark Ustin Quoted in Provider Magazine – “2024 Outlook Features Artificial Intelligence, Workforce Solutions, and Smart Design”

February 06, 2024

Technology, particularly as it relates to artificial intelligence (AI), will be a big focus in the long-term care industry in 2024. Mark Ustin spoke with Provider Magazine highlighting the ongoing challenge of aligning health care policy with advancing technology.


“Anytime a machine ‘thinks’ for itself in the health care space, that will raise concerns about data privacy and security,” Ustin said. “For example, what exactly is that machine doing with your data? Or regarding patient autonomy and consent—to what extent can patients interact with that AI and be sure they are getting the answers they need?”

Ustin continued, “When it comes to scope of practice and responsibility, what decisions are being made by AI rather than licensed professionals, and who is responsible when those decisions are wrong? On the other hand, AI creates unprecedented opportunities in precision medicine and may even help to span the disparity gap by providing new avenues of access to health care services for populations who do not have such access now. But that only works if those populations have access to those AI options.”


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2024 Outlook Features Artificial Intelligence, Workforce Solutions, and Smart Design (providermagazine.com)

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