Who’s Who in Health Care Professionals & Health Care Law – Mark Ustin

June 22, 2020

Farrell Fritz partner Mark R. Ustin is a regulatory lawyer and lobbyist with extensive experience assisting health care entities in navigating the complicated statutory, regulatory, and policy landscape surrounding health care delivery and payment.

More than ever, clients need to plan separately for the short and long term, Ustin said.

“While we respond to the immediate challenges of COVID-19, the usual rules often do not apply,” he said.

“Providers and other businesses have been asked to focus on protecting and saving lives, with minimal regard for legal consequences – and they have been supported in this through the waiver of many federal and state laws and regulations. But that won’t last forever, and we’re unlikely to return to the same system we had before.”

“The changes made now – including changes in telehealth, scope of practice, provider capacity and cooperation, and the focus on public health – are going to have a permanent impact on the health care and business landscape,” Ustin said.

Reprinted with permission from Long Island Business News, June 2020.

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