Riverhead Board Still Can’t Decide on Law Firm to Advise It on Status of EPCAL Contract

May 23, 2019

Board members were split 2-2 on two different resolutions to appoint special counsel to advise the town on the status of its contract with Calverton Aviation and Technology in light of Luminati Aerospace’s decision to relocate its operations upstate.

Councilman Tim Hubbard, who on Friday said he supported the appointment of the the Melville firm of Lazer, Aptheker, Rosella & Yedid, said today he is not ready to move forward with hiring another outside counsel yet.

Christopher Kent, attorney for Calverton Aviation and Technology warned the board before it took up the resolutions, that a vote to hire outside counsel for the possible purpose of trying to rescind the contract, would have negative impacts on the ability of his client to negotiate with prospective tenants and lenders.

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