New York should keep Hamilton in mind after Amazon

April 02, 2019

New York: You threw away your shot.

To maximize capital investment, launch new industries, and create jobs, government must invest in the private sector.

This is not a novel concept. In fact, it is a policy prescription that dates back to the founding of the United States. As the Industrial Revolution raged through the western world, the United States needed to make a decision: invest in technology or double-down on our agrarian economy. Obviously, state and federal governmental agencies assisted in the shift that resulted in world’s largest economy.

Our economy now faces a similar turning point; this was the time for New York and New Yorkers to embrace the innovation economy and support Amazon’s HQ2 project and all it would have brought to the region.

Reprinted with permission from Long Island Business News, March 29-April 4, 2019, Vol. 66 – No. 13

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