Midsize Law Firm Strategies for Strengthening Client Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis

May 12, 2020

Amid the ongoing pandemic crisis, it is even more crucial for lawyers at midsize law firms to seek ways to strengthen their client relationships, even if they’re working remotely and facing a number of challenges in the current environment.

Thomson Reuters held an attorney roundtable, Strategies for Strengthening Client Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis, that featured a panel of attorneys that offered keen insights into how midsize law firms can continue to demonstrate their value to their clients.

The panel discussed in depth how the scope of client conversation — no surprise — has changed. Panelists Michael Cook, a partner at Liles Parker, and Kathryn Cole, a partner at Farrell Fritz, said they have observed clients shifting gears and focusing on immediate needs that have become a priority because of the pandemic and economic crisis that has ensued.

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  • Featured Attorneys: Kathryn C. Cole
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