Know the Law, Know the Rules, Know Your Judge

September 10, 2019

Matthew Donovan and Viktoriya Liberchuk wrote an article for the August edition of WCBA Westchester Lawyer.

Below are a few excerpts from the article:

We all know that understanding the law is a first step to good lawyering. But understanding what the particular judge assigned to your case likes and dislikes, and which of the judge’s individual practice rules are sine qua non, is just as important for your success as an advocate for your client.

Favorite Rules

Justice Jamieson commented that her favorite Commercial Division Rule is Rule 8, which encourages attorneys to meet and confer about whether or not the case is good for ADR and discovery prior to coming to court. Justice Jamieson emphasized that attorneys should not wait for a court-ordered conference to begin discovery and should consult prior to the conference regarding any issues to be discussed at the conference. Justice Walsh stated that her favorite Commercial Division Rule is Rule 24, which requires that attorneys appear for a pre-motion conference because certain issues, including pleading deficiencies can be corrected without motion practice.

Reprinted from the August 2019 Westchester Lawyer magazine with permission of the Westchester County Bar Association.

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