Helping the Edwin Gould Academy so They Can Help Others

July 18, 2011

The Edwin Gould Academy is a center that provides affordable housing, education, and job training to young adults from the ages of 18-25 that have aged out of foster care or the juvenile justice system. Founded in 1990, the center’s mission is to empower young individuals to be self sufficient and productive young adults that will succeed in the real world. Generally, the Edwin Gould Academy encourages people to be self sufficient as soon as possible; and most residents do not stay for more than two years.

Hillary A. Frommer was inspired by the Edwin Gould Academy’s mission after reading a NY Times Article about the center. Hillary contacted the academy’s Executive Director and offered her services. Pleased with that outreach, the Executive Director contacted Hillary within weeks for Farrell Fritz’s assistance. Hillary and Steven N. Davi successfully defended Edwin Gould on a pro bono basis against discrimination and retaliation claims brought by a former employee in the New York State Division of Human Rights. As a result of Hillary’s and Steven’s efforts, the Human Rights Division found no wrongdoing by The Edwin Gould Academy and dismissed the charges in their entirety.

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