NYSBA Trusts and Estates Law Section Fall 2021 Meeting

calendar icon September 30, 2021

clock icon9:15am - 10:55am

Farrell Fritz partner Brian Corrigan will be co-presenting the following CLE during the NYSBA’s Trusts and Estates Law Section Fall 2021 Meeting with Lisa R. Schoenfeld of Schlissel Ostrow Karabatos, PLLC:

First Comes Love & Marriage, then Death & Divorce (2.0 Credits in Areas of Professional Practice)

Contractual agreements made before, during and at the termination of a marriage frequently provide for a waiver of statutory rights and create obligations that the estate of one or both of the spouses must satisfy. This program will review the rights of a surviving spouse (both statutory and commonly created contractual rights) that impact the administration of an estate and often result in litigation. Issues concerning the validity and construction of such marital agreements will be discussed together with measures that may be taken to avoid related litigation.

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