LICP Talks Labor & Employment 2022 – Planning for 2023: The Road Ahead for Employers

calendar icon October 19, 2022

clock icon9:00am - 10:30am

Farrell Fritz partner Domenique Camacho Moran will be speaking virtually about what businesses need to be thinking about in 2023.

Below is a description of the session:

As workplaces continue to evolve, our next LICP Talks session will examine the opportunities and challenges ahead for employers in 2023. Remote work has become something many organizations have considered; how are you proactively focused on performance management? In this challenging economic environment, how do we continue to manage human capital in a positive and impactful way for our organizations? As we plan for the year ahead, what labor and employment topics are likely to become priorities?

Hosted by The Long Island City Partnership and supported by Farrell Fritz, P.C.

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