Construction and Reformation of Wills and Trusts in Surrogate’s Court

calendar icon June 16, 2021

clock icon1:00pm - 1:50pm

At times, during the reading of a will or trust, it may be necessary to ask the Surrogate’s Court to interpret or revise the instrument, such as when the language does not clearly state the testator or grantor’s intent.

This program will discuss a number of issues affecting a construction or reformation. You will learn about:

  • The construction of wills and trusts;
  • Reliance upon extrinsic evidence in construing a will or trust instrument
  • Practical considerations for seeking a construction of a will or trust instrument
  • The Canons of construction and statutes affecting construction issues; and
  • The reformation of wills and trusts.

Faculty: Robert M. Harper, Esq., Farrell Fritz, P.C.

Participants will receive 1 CLE credit in Professional Practice.

This event is sponsored by the SCBA/Suffolk Academy of Law.

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