Avoiding Ethical Problems in Online Legal Marketing CLE, Hosted by NYSTLA

calendar icon March 13, 2015

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Holiday Inn Plainview (Long Island)

215 Sunny Side Blvd
Plainview, NY 11803

clock icon8:30am - 12:30pm

dollar sign icon$85, $70, $125, $70

Pricing Note: Members, Young Lawyers, Non-Members, Government Employees respectively

Contact Info:
Phone: 212.349.5890

Aaron Zerykier will be among the speakers for this important program on using media to market your practice without falling into any ethical quagmires.   He will be speaking on attorney ethics involving Facebook usage.  Aaron will be joined by fellow speakers; Fred Cohen, Esq., Carolyn Mazzu Genovesi, Esq., Allison Shields, Esq., along with Chair, Anamarie Bondi-Stoddard.

At first, the focus will be on the application of advertising rules to LinkedIn, then there will be a discussion on the use of Facebook, including: •“Friend” requests – which requests should and should not be accepted • What ethical issues are there when “friending” • Ethical considerations in researching juror’s, parties’, and witness’s social media presence • What can and can’t attorneys advise clients about incriminating social media postings.

There will also be comment from the Grievance Committee concerning the Committee’s perspective as to how attorneys are getting into trouble with advertising rules using social media.

To register:  https://www.nystla.org/index.cfm?pg=events&eid=21364&evAction=reg