AICPA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference

calendar icon November 8, 2021

Farrell Fritz partner Peter Mahler will on a panel on the topic of expert “hot tubbing” at the AICPA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference in Las Vegas on November 8.

The description of the session is below:
The strategy of expert hot-tubbing has been used in a mediation, arbitration and pre-trial settings to assist counsel and the trier of fact in exploring and understanding complex expert analysis and opinions. This course will walk through a case study of an arbitration where the experts testified during a hot-tubbing session with the ability to openly question each other and discuss complex accounting issues, assumptions, and opinions to better-educate both Counsel and the Triers of Fact – in this case, an arbitration panel of attorneys and a judge.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about different expert hot-tubbing strategies.
  • Explore both the advantages and risks of expert hot-tubbing
  • Tips on the do’s and don’ts during expert hot-tubbing
For more information on the event, please click here.