COVID-19 Impact: Long Island Real Property Tax Alert

April 23, 2020

Real Property Tax Payment Deadlines – Nassau County Changed to June 1; Suffolk County Currently Unchanged

Governor Cuomo has issued Executive Order Number 202.22, which extends the last day to pay second half Nassau County school taxes without interest or penalty to June 1.

The last day to pay second half Suffolk County taxes remains May 31.

Nassau County Grievance Filing Deadline is now April 30, 2020

Town of Huntington Grievance Filing Deadline is now June 23, 2020.

Town of Islip Grievance Filing Deadline is now June 30, 2020. 

Other Suffolk County Towns’ Grievance Filing Deadline is May 19, 2020… But this date will likely change.  The Governor’s Executive Order 202.22 permits the towns to publish the tentative assessment roll on June 1 (instead of May 1).  The deadline to file a grievance would then be at least 3 weeks from June 1.  This extension is at the option of each town.  Once new dates are officially established by the other Suffolk towns, we will update.

What happens to school budgets and upcoming school taxes and other real property taxes?

School revenue sources are federal and state aid, and you – the taxpayer.  The financial crisis presented by the Covid Freeze has a domino effect on all aspects of the economy, private and public.  As the state grapples with a growing deficit, Governor Cuomo has talked about cuts to school aid as one way to slow the growing state budget deficit.  New York, like all states, is asking for increased federal aid, but there is likely to be a funding gap.  Schools will be confronted with federal and state funding reductions which will present the schools with their very own budget gaps.  The school budget gaps can only be filled though cost cutting and/or increased taxes.  The upcoming school tax year will be painful for the schools and the taxpayers.

This domino effect will likely be felt by every tax district, however, since school districts depend heavily on federal and state aid, they may be the most heavily impacted.

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