Compliment or Harassment? Take the Quiz

August 26, 2021

Where is the line between being complimentary and creepy—or even criminal? This quiz answers that question.

As former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo fell from grace amid multiple accusations of sexual harassment, it triggered many to wonder: Did he really not know he was entering questionable territory with some of his remarks and affection?

Some actions are clearly indefensible: An unwanted kiss or grope… obviously a problem. But calling someone “sweetie,” pretty – or wondering aloud why they are wearing a baggy outfit – are those potentially career-ending comments?

It’s a question that merits exploration as sexual harassment continues to be a major issue in the workplace. In fact, a third of all professional women say they’ve experienced sexual harassment at work, according to a recent survey by the Center for Talent Innovation. And some suggest that those numbers are low due to underreporting and fear of retaliation. “Too often victims have gone along to get along and have rightfully been too afraid to speak up. This is especially true with acts by people in power and those that seem untouchable,” says Karen Michael, Esq., author of Stay Hired, and a work-law and HR consultant based in Richmond, VA.

We live in a new era: “Tolerance for behavior that makes women and men uncomfortable has changed,” says Domenique Camacho Moran, a partner in the labor and employment practice of law firm Farrell Fritz in New York, and there’s a shift towards accountability.

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