Choose Outside Counsel Carefully; Avoid Common Mistakes

February 26, 2020

Risk managers may be involved in helping choose outside counsel for the hospital or health system. There are many factors to consider before making the right choice.

Good healthcare counsel will have a deep enough understanding of applicable law to provide useful guidance, says Mark R. Ustin, JD, partner with Farrell Fritz in Albany, NY. That is more than just understanding what the law says, he explains.

“There are lots of people who can read the applicable statutes and regulations and tell you what they say, but you want someone who has their finger on the pulse of how the regulators think,” Ustin says. “That narrows down the pool a lot. You will find many attorneys who have a fine understanding of what the law says but not that many who can go a step further and help you understand what means for you, and where those laws and regulations might be headed in the future.”

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