9 Job Interview Questions You Really Can’t Ask For Legal Reasons

July 20, 2022

Being too chatty and casual with a job candidate can land you in legal jeopardy.
When you are hiring and want to connect with someone during a job interview, it can be easy to chat as if you are friends. Don’t.

An interview is not a friendly meet-cute, it’s a time to decide who is best able to do the job your company is hiring for.

And when you haven’t done your homework before the meeting, the first five or 10 minutes of getting to know a job candidate can carry the greatest legal risk, according to Domenique Camacho Moran, a New York-based employment lawyer who represents employers.

“The biggest risk in an interview is a lack of preparedness because when you are not prepared for an interview, questions can be asked that are not intended to be inappropriately probing, but… the shortcut question can in fact be inappropriate,” Moran said.

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