Vanessa Bongiorno


Government Relations Director | (518) 313-1407 |


Vanessa Bongiorno is a non-attorney professional with a master’s degree in public administration.  Vanessa advocates for clients before New York State’s executive and legislative branches in numerous areas, including healthcare, mental health, insurance, human services, professional licensure, higher education and public safety Highly respected by New York State policymakers, Vanessa utilizes her unique knowledge of state government to further her clients’ interests.

What type of clients and issues do you represent?

I work with a range of not-for-profit organizations, for-profit businesses,  advocacy and trade organizations. I represent clients throughout the healthcare industry, social service provider groups, foundations, pharmaceuticals, and life science companies. I provide strategic advice and government relations services, and help clients to educate policymakers on their organization’s work through grassroots advocacy plans. Additionally, I monitor, craft, and advance budget and legislative proposals on behalf of clients.

What made you decide to join Farrell Fritz?

I was drawn to Farrell Fritz’s growth, diversified practice, and geographic footprint. I was excited to join an experienced team and knew their expansion into downtown Albany, coupled with my background, would be a strong addition to the services the firm provides to clients. Clients now have the opportunity to access strategic advice and legal counsel on New York State’s legislative and regulatory processes.

How does your experience help your clients achieve success?

I have worked with policymakers, legislative staff, various stakeholders and organizations involved in the New York State legislative and regulatory process for more than 20 years. My experience and key relationships enable me to affect change on my clients’ behalf. My insight, analytical acumen, ability to develop creative strategies and persistence result in attention and action for their priorities.

What do you consider your most significant professional success?

Though all of my work is important, most meaningful to me are several pieces of legislation that increased access to healthcare services and treatments for patients in New York State. It is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to advance proposals that help patients struggling with chronic health conditions and serious illnesses get access to the care, treatment and patient monitoring services they need and deserve—especially when working within the complex healthcare system. Because of these proposals, these patients can instead focus their energy on fighting their illness, healing and, ultimately, having a better quality of life.