Stavros Karageorgiou, CCM


Associate | (516) 227-0725 |

LOCATION: Uniondale

Stavros Karageorgiou practices commercial litigation with a focus on construction. Stavros previously served as the operations manager and senior project manager for several construction and contracting firms in the New York metro area. He is a Certified Construction Manager (CCM) and a Licensed Master Electrician. Stavros is fluent in Greek.

What are the assets you bring to the client relationship?

Due to my extensive background in construction, I understand my clients’ needs and concerns, because I have dealt with those issues before. I can clearly describe the necessary legal processes to a client. The best legal counsel I can give is advice that supports the best business decision. Being able to understand the impact of legal advice, and whether it makes good business sense, is invaluable. The construction landscape has shifted dramatically over the years; what was a handshake deal in the past now faces red tape and government oversight. Even well-intentioned contractors can inadvertently find themselves in situations with complex legal issues.

“Success means putting myself in a client’s shoes and working towards their best business outcome. Beyond providing sound legal advice, it involves connecting clients with professional resources to help them maintain and grow their business.”


How can an attorney build trust with a client?

Having a holistic view of each client’s business needs is the starting point. When a business issue arises that is outside the scope of a particular attorney’s practice area, the client may have to turn to a different attorney to discover the correct answer. At Farrell Fritz, your attorney is able to tap into a colleague’s knowledge and present a coherent, comprehensive strategy for the business owner.

What makes Farrell Fritz different from other Long Island law firms?

Farrell Fritz has a very friendly and welcoming environment. The attorneys care about their clients on an individual level, and that is reflected in the work. The firm has a stellar reputation. In the Construction Group, each attorney has a history within the construction industry and has served on the client side before, so their knowledge comes from first-hand experience. A client would be hard-pressed to find another construction law practice that has the same breadth and depth. Most larger firms don’t have the level and spirit of collaboration that Farrell Fritz possesses.