Bernadette T. Kasnicki


Associate | 516-227-0728 |

LOCATION: Uniondale

Bernadette Kasnicki advises clients in connection with corporate, estate and gift, and individual tax planning. She is experienced in both local and Federal tax issues, including the IRS’ Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and New York State residency audits. Additionally, Bernadette represents not-for-profit corporations in all stages, from formation to dissolution.

What are some of your professional goals?

As a member of the firm’s tax department, my goal is to provide both clients and other attorneys in the firm with sound, reliable guidance on navigating the tax effects of whatever they may be trying to accomplish.

“Success for me means making sure that my clients can rely on me to be thorough and accurate.”

What does success mean to you?

Success for me equals reliability. It means making sure that whatever I’m doing is seamless; that when my work gets passed either up through the firm or out to clients, it can be relied upon to be thorough and accurate.

Farrell Fritz is known for its good client relationships. What fosters such relationships?

First, I think it’s the culture. People are encouraged to make the time to focus on the client relationships. They’re completely present when they’re communicating with the clients. Second, I think where we’re located is conducive to people connecting through their communities. We’re active. We sit on boards; we volunteer. We build relationships that way as well.

Upon graduating from Georgetown, you joined Farrell Fritz. What were your deciding factors?

The attorneys here are very well-respected, and at the same time, are very personable. While they’re extremely competent lawyers who are dedicated to their clients, they also, across the board, value spending time with their families and pursuing hobbies they enjoy. When I was considering my career options that was very attractive to me.